We do not work with recruitment agencies.

We can not help you get a work visa.

We do not have international representatives.


We are currently accepting applications for 2020. Preference may be given to those with off-site accomodation.


The Camp Attendant works each day to keep our onsite camp clean and safe. Tasks include garbage removal, cleaning and disinfecting. You must have a driver's license.


Currently hiring for the main season - July 25th through late August

Pickers begin the day with the sun at 5am. The BC Government sets piece rates. Pickers are paid piece rates based on the precise weight picked. We expect pickers to show up ready to get the job done. Cherry picking is hot, hard, tiring and can be very rewarding when done well. The season begins at the end of June and goes until the end of August. A bonus is in place for those who stay to help complete the harvest.


Looking for a job in the new year? Live locally and motivated to work in agriculture? We would love to hear from you. Beginning in February, we require motivated individuals to work full time, year round in our orchards doing manual tasks such as pruning, irrigation, weed control, and planting. Workers are paid hourly and the starting wage is $14/hour. Contact us through the application form above to find out more!


The field crew begins the day with the picking crew.  They are called 'swampers' and are responsible for moving full lugs of cherries out of the rows and into the bins. Experienced drivers are needed for both tractor and truck hauling in orchards and on local roads.

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