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We do not work with recruitment agencies.

We can not help you get a work visa.

We do not have international representatives.

Welcome to our Employment Page! 

We are not accepting applications from foreign workers who do not already have work permits.

Please beware of scammers acting as recruiters for our company.


We expect to harvest from July 1st through the end of August. 

Pickers begin the day with the sun at 5am. Pickers are paid piece rates based on the precise weight picked.

As of August 1 2021 our base piece rate is $0.31 / lb. Piece rate workers also receive and additional $15.20 per day.

We expect pickers to show up ready to get the job done. Cherry picking is hot, hard, tiring and can be very rewarding when done well. The season begins at the end of June and goes until the end of August. We are among the last orchards to finish harvesting cherries in the province.  We require lots of help in August and often hire people who have completed earlier contracts and are looking for more cherry picking at the end of the season. 


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